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Where there is a dude somewhere who is dating his high school girlfriend, probably in his late 30’s, and that’s all he knows. Because you have witnessed so much when it comes to love, are you ready to embrace marriage or are you more skeptical? But I mean, some will say it made me bitter or a little more reluctant to embrace love. He doesn’t even know what she’s capable of and vice versa. Can you recall a sexcapade that made your cheeks (on your face) flush? I was more embarrassed than her, like, “Why did that happen? " Well it looks like they took their steamy relationship off-screen as well because the two have reportedly broken up after being in a relationship for a while. So when emotions get the best of you, it’s really hard to break that cycle but when you do, then you got to find strength in it and put it in music.

Fiona has mentioned that he was her muse for majority of the heartbreak related material on her new album ‘The MF Life’.

Pretty much, you just get to that point where you are so in love with somebody that you are just willing to accept all of the things that they do to you.

It’s really not okay and I know that I consider myself to be a strong intelligent woman.

Check the video: Yes I heard she was a Lesbian too, Maybe she just' Experimented 'Nothing wrong with Trying New things...

Kim from the Real Housewives of ATL 'Experimented' with a Woman as well,then Married a Man, They just took a Few Dips in the Lady Pond LOL!

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