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Jim’s life changes dramatically when Dean moves next door. He has movie star good looks and is everything Jim would like to be.

Dean offers Jim friendship, a makeover and lessons in how to be cool.

It illustrates the point of judging a book by its cover, or stereotyping people according to what they do: the man then argued that he never asks someone what they do -- one should have the originality of mind to relate to someone irrespective of their "do-ings," and that, to his dealings, anything less was really undisguised elitism at worst, and lazy conversation at best.

My friend's argument I also understood: she simply had come to a dry spot in the conversation, and rather than talk about the weather or the paint on the bar's wall or the average rainfall in Kenya for the past six years, she opted for a simple and direct question, which could easily split the chat into a variety of different threads to knit. He said, albeit in a bitter manner, which I couldn't tell if it was caused by acquiescing to her question in the first place, or to his actual answer to it, that he was a musician and also a waiter.

The man's argument I could understand: it was sort of similar to the old joke about the beautiful woman at an LA party shaking your hand and then asking what kind of car you drove, when answered with the ill judged reply of "A used Pinto with no windshield" was promptly met with a sudden turning of the female's back to the other, more "enriching" directions of the party.Daniele Bernfeld, an executive for the Paramount Pictures subsidiary Insurge Pictures, told police that Hirsch put her in a chokehold from behind on Jan.25 at Tao Nightclub in Park City, dragged her across a table and body slammed her to the floor, records show.It was there that she fell madly in love with his late father, Diego (Hirsch).During their trip, however, Gemma discovers a long-hidden secret that makes her question everything she ever knew.

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