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Corinne Olympios was not limp but clearly the aggressor in a poolside tryst during the filming of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico and it's all caught on tape, claims a friend of De Mario Jackson.

The friend, who spoke to Daily exclusively on condition of anonymity, says that Corinne was tipsy but not so drunk she didn't know what she was doing in the controversial shoot for the show.'It all started at the bar where De Mario was hanging out,' a friend of the reality star tells Daily

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, the album has a truly heartwarming moment on the track “Smile” that shouldn’t be missed: The rapper reveals that his mother, Gloria Carter, has finally come out as lesbian and expresses his gratitude that she has fallen in love. (Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post) (Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post) She’s known in local newspapers as 23-year-old “Emily Doe” — a pseudonym to protect her privacy amid an emotional court battle in which former Stanford University varsity swimmer Brock Allen Turner was found guilty for her sexual assault.[What the Stanford sex offender’s loved ones said to keep him out of prison] The newspaper reported that when handing down Turner’s sentence, the judge in the case said he understood the “devastation” the victim suffered, but he feared imprisonment would have a “severe” impact on Turner.There is nothing wrong with experimenting, everybody should do that as much as they can in the limits of their imagination or principles, but here’s an odd one for you. But knowing the moves […]The famous Playboy magazine has recently announced that it will stop publishing images of naked women as part of its new concept because pornography just doesn’t sell anymore.We […]Do you want your toes to curl when you have an orgasm? Do you want all your neighbours to know when you hit the Big O? The reason might seem a bit mindboggling at first, but if you stop to consider it, why would anyone buy adult magazines in print when they can […]Last week we had the honor of introducing our dear readers to some of the best babes in the adult entertainment industry.

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