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You could say literally anything to at least acknowledge that you received the text in question.” Surveys found that I’d appreciate a direct response to my question such as “sure I’ll be there,” or “Sorry, can’t make it,” but even a “Sorry I’m kinda swamped right now” would be preferable to the zero response rate I’m currently receiving from certain subjects of the study, Mark.Once you're logged in you will notice you will no longer need to enter the SECURITY CODE. The time stamp on your messages have been changed to the 12 hour format rather than military time.We now provide Picture Messaging to a select group of carriers. Aww shit, now, what the fuck you pullin' me over for? Just sit your ass on the curb and shut the fuck up! A'ight, smartass, I'm taking your black ass to jail! ) And as you all know, E's here to rule Whenever I'm rollin', keep lookin' in the mirror And ears on cue, yo, so I can hear a Dumb motherfucker with a gun And if I'm rollin' off the 8, he'll be the one That I take out, and then get away While I'm driving off laughing, this is what I'll say [Hook] Fuck tha police!

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