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Tripfag who earned himself the enmity of most of /a/ in the winter/spring of 2005 by complaining incessantly about the anime My Hi ME, going so far as to create multiple YTMND pages comparing his favorite Hi ME, Akane, to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Green Ranger.

Such was the animosity towards him that he became the first tripcode user on /a/ to be saged by Anonymous simply for being who he was, with multiple "sage for abicion"s being sighted in nearly every thread he posted in (Cyber Akuma was the first tripfag to garner widespread hatred, but he got his reputation on /c/).

Hasn't been seen in ages, quite possibly for over a year. VIPPERS.only" in his email field who started appearing in /a/ around summer 2006.

Claimed that compared to most if not all /a/ users, he's seen the most amount of anime and that he uses his name simply to "state facts." These not-so-humble claims have been seen as pathetic attempts at e-peen stroking and has garnered this namefag the hate of most of the /a/ community.

A camwhore named Xenon, who most likely appeared after a select fanbase started (re)posting his "art" to /f/, was challenged by moot.

The loop's file size prevented the full version from being posted on /f/, and the scaled-down versions subsequently submitted to /f/ were rightfully derided as lame; /f/ tripcode fag Amuro also pilloried the Flash loop for leaving out a particular Pretty Cure that was generally acknowledged by /b/ to best fit the music.Although the prevailing 4chan view is that declaring self-identity either in the form of namefaggotry or tripfaggotry is typically a bad thing, on occassion tripfags and namefags are the center of something epic (either epic content, epic trolling, or epic lulz).For this reason, they have transcended normal namefag and tripfag status and their names have basically become memes, and so are listed here.Eventually he was temporarily banned from /a/ and returned later under the (lengthy) name "Hi, I'm Char Aznable and this is Jackass", with his modus operandi shifted from complaining about My Hi ME to complaining about Gundam SEED Destiny and animes made by the Sunrise animation studio in general.Since Gundam SEED Destiny is generally acknowledged to suck, this doesn't really make him stand out from the crowd.

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