Ga custody and dating laws

have your children relay messages to your co-parent.Children should never be placed in the position of middlemen.refuse to answer telephone calls from your co-parent while your children are visiting.It is important for your children to know that maintaining a relationship with both parents is equally important.Except in extreme circumstances, Georgia courts usually will not award sole custody of children to one parent -- at least not officially.

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Rather, they look to the relationship of each parent with the child.

It’s the resounding answer to the question: Should you have a member of the opposite sex spend the night while you are divorcing, or even newly divorced?

“If there are children involved, overnight guests are a no-no,” says Kathy Stafford, 50, relationship coach and author of Relationship Remorse.

Specifically, Georgia law provides as a factor for custody: "The willingness and ability of each of the parents to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing parent-child relationships between the child and the other parent, consistent with the best interest of the child." O. Thus, parents must do everything in their power to try to work with one another for the benefit of their children.

Below is a list of Co-Parenting Do’s and Don’ts which will hopefully help minimize the conflict that may arise between you and your co-parent. Sit down with your co-parent and make an affirmative plan that sets aside any differences you may have between you and focus instead on meeting the needs of your children.

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