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When Holly and Phil first asked Laura whether she would date Vanderpump, who is the brother of Real Housewife star Lisa Vanderpump, she turned him down after he revealed he only spent £54 on dating women this year.Laura Boylan, 31, from Liverpool, has no qualms about dating rich men if they bestow her with gifts galore.Released as the second single from West's second album, Late Registration (2005), "Gold Digger" peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 on September 6, 2005, becoming West's and Foxx's second number one single.Co-produced with Jon Brion, the song contains samples of Ray Charles' "I Got a Woman".There were also several "gold diggers" in gold bikinis and a number of "broke phi brokes" dancing.Now, you shouldn't go ahead and be badmouthing rap so vehemently. I certainly agree that some rap is terrible like 50 Cent, Fat Joe etc.The book applies this to the dating world and reveals…..

Gold Digger Singles is a dating site with a difference, because in this online community, we understand how important money is in treating someone you love in the way that they deserve.GOLD DIGGER PARTIES & CRUISES Welcome To Your Premier Source for BEAUTIFUL WOMEN & WEALTHY MEN!Single Adults of All Ages Welcome Get invited to the best parties and cruises!Don't leave your love life to chance anymore, because you definitely deserve someone who appreciates you! Sign up for free today and find the wealthiest match in the UK, right now..."Gold Digger" is a song recorded by American rapper Kanye West featuring guest vocals by Jamie Foxx.

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