Who is bob forrest dating

But success (or just the possibility of it) blew Forrest’s ego, tantrums, stage rants and drug use to stratospheric proportions.

He and his bandmates now agree he became “one of the biggest (fill in your own blanks) who ever lived.” Stop if you’ve heard this before: A major-label deal exacerbated tension with other members, as the suits impressed upon the star that he didn’t really need the others in the group; they broke up after just one 1992 album on Capitol.

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The main difference between the two posts — and knowing me, I’ll end up doing this for both — is that Part 2 comes with an annotated timeline.Offering “bluesy, blistering garage rock,” they were notable mostly for live chaos, until recordings revealed actual songs and a distinctive voice in Forrest, whose lyrics were naked, confessional and stream-of-consciousness.Snarky near-hit “Sammy Hagar Weekend” made the band briefly seem destined for the top.Forrest then squandered a fortune in advance money for a dead-end solo project, winding up homeless, as well as a repeat rehab failure.It was a jail sentence that finally got him sober, and discovering a small community of fellow cleaned-up musicians (many humbly reduced to working in the same diner) kept him that way.

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