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The one most often cited comes from University of Texas professor Mark Regnerus, which Powell says misclassifies many respondents as having been raised by a gay father or lesbian mother.Previous criticism of the study has noted that Regnerus classified people as gay or lesbian based on even fleeting romantic relationships with a member of the same sex.He said:"[That was] not the action of a force that was institutionally homophobic or had a culture of homophobia".

The defendants, that is, Mississippi state officials, want the court to dismiss the case. The plaintiffs, who filed their suit in August, Tuesday filed documents, provided to countering the state’s argument that they lack standing to challenge the ban and are unlikely to succeed in their case, while also tearing apart a much-criticized study that has been used against gay parents.Judge Daniel Porter Jordan III is scheduled to hear arguments from both sides November 6 in U. Their lead counsel is Roberta Kaplan, who has argued many marriage equality cases, including which resulted in the 2013 Supreme Court decision gutting the federal Defense of Marriage Act.The state contends that the couples lack standing to bring the suit because they have not actually attempted to go through the legal process of adopting.However, Ms Stewart is fighting a sexual discrimination case against the British Transport Police.She said the decision to allow her to work on the same shift with her girlfriend led to hostility from other officers.

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